The StatLab offers "Getting Started" workshops for beginners and topical workshops for those just looking to extend their toolkit. You can browse the offerings, read the descriptions, look at the schedule, and access previous materials below.

"Getting Started" Workshops

Our "Getting Started with . . ." series is meant to get you familiar with the tools, how to complete common steps, and where to find support as you continue to learn. When these sessions are part of a multi-session sequence, you'll see them listed as "First Steps with . . .", "Second Steps with . . .", etc.

Learning More with Topical Workshops

Our topical workshops build on the foundation you already have by focusing on a specialized topic. For absolute beginners, we always suggest the "Getting Started" series sessions.

Our Workshop Offerings

Customized Workshop Sessions

We can deliver a customized session of a workshop to your department, group, or research lab. We'll customize our core content to focus on your learning goals.

If you are interested in possibilities, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Get in touch so we can start the conversation and the planning.

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