Our Consultant Team

Our Consultant Team

The StatLab consultant team is made up of staff and graduate students from across Yale University.

Each of consultants is able to discuss basic statistical analysis and data analysis techniques. However, when you are looking for help with a specific topic or in a particular program, we encourage you to find the right consultant before you come.

What expertise are you looking for?

Our consultants have a working knowledge of many techniques and tools. However, they also have a particular focus on specific tools and methodologies, they do their research in particular academic fields, and they work out of different locations on campus.

Because of this, we suggest you find the best match for your need before coming to our Walk-In Help sessions. Use the buttons below to find that match.

Please email statlab@yale.edu with questions about meeting with a specific consultant. Direct emails to consultants will not get a prompt response. Appointments are currently not available through the Walk-In Help service.

Jonathan Olmsted

Picture of StatLab consultant Jonathan Olmsted
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, LaTeX, MATLAB, Python, R, Stata, JAGS, Stan, C++ & Rcpp, HPC, slurm, bash, scripting (in general), building automatic analysis pipelines and workflows, parallel computing (generally), git
Methodological Topics: Bayesian inference, simulation-based methods, causal inference with observational data, latent variable models, item response theory, multi-dimensional scaling, multi-level regression & post-stratification (MRP), hierarchical models
Interests: computational social science
Spoken Languages: English

Fabian Schellhaas

Picture of StatLab consultant Fabian Schellhaas
Department: Psychology
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, Qualtrics, R, SPSS, ggplot, MTurk, Amos, G*Power, Python, git
Methodological Topics: regression, linear mixed/hierarchical modeling, ANOVA, moderation/mediation, structural equation modeling, factor analysis, data viz (ggplot), experimental design, survey design, crowdsourcing, meta-analysis, complex organizational data
Interests: Social identity, intergroup bias, collective action, applied social science
Spoken Languages: English, German, Dutch, French

Henry Glick

Picture of StatLab consultant Henry Glick
Department: Forestry and Environmental Studies (FES)
Software & Computing Topics: ArcGIS, Excel, Python, QGIS, R, ENVI, Google EarthEngine, AWS, ModelBuilder
Methodological Topics: GIS, remote sensing, UAV image processing, map algebra, regression analysis, spatial statistics, distributive/parallel computing, cartography
Interests: Spatial analysis of all flavors, environmental modeling, big data, forest biomass
Spoken Languages: English

Mengting Gu

Picture of StatLab consultant Mengting Gu
Department: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, LaTeX, MATLAB, Python, R, C, Perl, ggplot
Methodological Topics: Regression, Statistical tests, Genomics analysis, Machine learning methods, eQTL
Interests: ENCODE project. Human genomics. Brain function and genomics
Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Elena Khusainova

Picture of StatLab consultant Elena Khusainova
Department: Statistics and Data Science
Software & Computing Topics: LaTeX, Python, R, shiny, jupyter notebooks
Methodological Topics: Data scraping (R, Python), vizualization (ggplot, grid, shiny, ggviz), random forests
Interests: Respondent driven sampling, spectral methods, random matrices
Spoken Languages: English, Russian

Kyle Peyton

Picture of StatLab consultant Kyle Peyton
Department: Political Science
Software & Computing Topics: LaTeX, MATLAB, Qualtrics, R, Stata, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Stan
Methodological Topics: Design and analysis of experiments (survey, lab, and field), data visualization, bayesian statistics, computational modeling
Interests: Political Behavior, Design and Analysis of Experiments
Spoken Languages: English

David Melnikoff

Picture of StatLab consultant David Melnikoff
Department: Psychology
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, Qualtrics, R, SAS, SPSS, MultiTree, MouseTracker, Inquisit, MTurk, Qualtrics
Methodological Topics: Experimental Design, Reaction Time, Mouse Tracking, Surveys
Interests: Psychology, Cognitive Science
Spoken Languages: English

Kevin Anderson

Picture of StatLab consultant Kevin Anderson
Department: Psychology
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, MATLAB, Python, Qualtrics, R, SPSS, fMRI; bash/unix; AFNI; SPM; FSL; Freesurfer; PsychoPy; RShiny; Yale HPC
Methodological Topics: Experimental Design, regression, ggplot, task/resting-state/structural MRI, limma, edgeR, graph theory, network analysis, RNAseq/microarray analysis, API interfaces, text/web scraping, eQTL, adobe illustrator, numpy, scipy, human connectome project tools/data vis., ANOVA, plink, gene imputation, heritability analyses, OpenMx, cluster computing/Yale HPC
Interests: Psychology, Neuroscience, Genetics
Spoken Languages: English

Kayoko Shioda

Picture of StatLab consultant Kayoko Shioda
Department: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (School of Public Health)
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, R, SAS, RShiny, ggplot, JAGS, MS Access
Methodological Topics: Regression analysis; generalized linear models; mixed-effect models; anova; longitudinal data analysis; propensity score matching; time-series analysis; Bayesian statistics; variable selection; study design; MCMC (Gibbs, Metropolis-Hasting); Markov chains; imputation; cross validation; DAGs; survival analysis; cohort study; case control study; meta analysis; sensitivity specificity analysis; disease surveillance data; outbreak data; disease incidence; receiver operating characteristic; principal component analysis; causal inference
Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology, mathematical modeling, vaccine program evaluation, transmission dynamic models, clinical research
Spoken Languages: English, Japanese

Maile Phillips

Picture of StatLab consultant Maile Phillips
Department: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases (School of Public Health)
Software & Computing Topics: ArcGIS, Excel, Python, R, SAS, Stata, JAGS, Stan, SaTScan
Methodological Topics: Regression analysis, mixed-effects/hierarchical models, ANOVA, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, Bayesian statistics, variable selection, SIR (susceptible, infectious, recovered) compartmental models
Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology, mathematical modeling, biostatistics, dynamic models
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish

Tianhao Wu

Picture of StatLab consultant Tianhao Wu
Department: Economics
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, LaTeX, MATLAB, R, Stata, ggplot, Mathematica
Methodological Topics: Structural Modeling, Reduced Form Regressions, Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Analysis, Agent-Based Modeling, Game Theoretic Modeling, Random Coefficient Modeling, NLP (LDA Topic Modeling)
Interests: Asset Pricing and Behavioral Finance, Social Networks, Industrial Organization
Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

James Yoon

Picture of StatLab consultant James Yoon
Department: Medicine
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, MATLAB, SPSS, Stata, icy/imageJ
Methodological Topics: Descriptive statistics, ANOVA, Regression analysis, mixed-effects/hierarchical models, survival analysis, complex survey data analysis
Interests: Clinical projects, biostatistics, healthcare economics
Spoken Languages: English, Korean

Rosie Aboody

Picture of StatLab consultant Rosie Aboody
Department: Psychology
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, Python, Qualtrics, R, ggplot, MTurk
Methodological Topics: basic parametric tests, regression analysis, mixed-effects/hierarchical models, power analysis, experimental design, ggplot, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Qualtrics. Basic familiarity with Python and cluster computing/Yale HPC.
Interests: Psychology, Cognitive Science
Spoken Languages: English

Molly Offer-Westort

Picture of StatLab consultant Molly Offer-Westort
Department: Political Science and Statistics & Data Science
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, LaTeX, Qualtrics, R, Stata, MTurk, ggplot, SQL, AWS, Yale HPC (Slurm), git
Methodological Topics: Experimental design and analysis, causal inference, data cleaning, big data projects, interference/spillover on networks, non-parametric statistics, adaptive experiments
Interests: Quantitative methods for social science research, causal inference, experimental design, non-parametric statistics
Spoken Languages: English, French

Joshua Dull

Picture of StatLab consultant Joshua Dull
Software & Computing Topics: Excel, Python, Openrefine, Tableau, Gephi, Git
Methodological Topics:
Spoken Languages: English


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