Walk-In Help Sessions

We offer convenient walk-in help sessions at various locations across the university. You'll find more information about how they work and what situations they are best for below.

If you are looking to identify the right consultant for your next consultation, take look at their profiles and specialties.

If you know who you want to meet with, check the schedule for their next availability.

How the sessions work

These 1-on-1 sessions are designed to help you address issues that come up in your research or classroom work. No appointments are necessary. However, during busy periods, you may need to wait until consultants have finished working with other patrons.

The most effective consultations take a question-and-answer format.

You might ask:

We will either walk through the solution, help you identify a solution with some collaborative problem-solving, or point you to another consultant with the right concentration.

What we can't provide in these sessions

We can't provide long 1-on-1 tutorial sessions during our walk-in help hours. But, we will be happy to point you to StatLab workshops, Yale courses, or other learning opportunities that relate to your questions.

Due to the size of the team and the overall demand across the university community, StatLab consultants can not replace the work of dedicated collaborators.

If your project needs more sustained support than walk-in sessions can provide, we may be able to help with our hiring assistance or another form of collaborative support.

StatLab consultations can not replace dedicated teaching fellow course assistance. We can work with the instructional team, however, to provide support in a different format. Let us know if you are interested in exploring StatLab's curricular support services.

Ready to get started?

Find the consultants whose background matches your need. Then, find a time and location that work for you.