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Our team is hiring!

Our team is hiring!

Digital Scholarship Services Consultants

Yale Digital Scholarship Services (part of the Yale University Library) is looking for graduate students to join our team as Digital Scholarship consultants.

Whether you use field surveys to predict the outbreak of civil war, machine learning to find aesthetic patterns in 18th-century paintings, interactive data visualizations to track instances of textual reuse in Classical literature, or big data technologies to identify systemic drivers of gene expression, we want to hear from you. Your data might come from surveys, text, assays, pixels, networks, experiments, simulations, or audio recordings - we are looking for team members who work with any of it.

Digital Scholarship consultants work with the DHLab and the StatLab to provide support for disciplines across the Yale University community. The StatLab provides support for quantitative analysis through instruction, consultation, and collaboration.

Specific duties can vary, but you should expect:

  • to meet with Yale community members from the undergraduate level to the faculty level and to provide guidance on research questions in a 1-on-1 setting
  • to use your proficiency in digital humanities, statistics, geospatial statistics, or data analysis topics
  • to answer common questions across various disciplines
  • to use your expertise on specific digital humanities, statistics, geospatial statistics, or data analysis topics, and to act as a point person for related questions
  • to think on your feet, quickly assess the needs of patrons, and help develop a recommendation for how they should proceed given their subject area, background, and time-line
  • to hone your teaching skills by developing and leading workshops on specific software applied to digital humanities, statistics, geospatial statistics, and data analysis topics

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