Our team is hiring!

Yale Digital Scholarship Services (part of the Yale University Library) is looking for graduate students to join our team as Digital Scholarship consultants.

Whether you use field surveys to predict the outbreak of civil war, machine learning to find aesthetic patterns in 18th-century paintings, interactive data visualizations to track instances of textual reuse in Classical literature, or big data technologies to identify systemic drivers of gene expression, we want to hear from you. Your data might come from surveys, text, assays, pixels, networks, experiments, simulations, or audio recordings - we are looking for team members who work with any of it.

Digital Scholarship consultants work with the DHLab (dhlab.yale.edu) and the StatLab (yale.edu/statlab) to provide support for disciplines across the Yale University community. The DHLab offers consultations, workshops, and grants to support scholars using computational methods to pursue humanistic inquiries. The StatLab provides support for quantitative analysis through instruction, consultation, and collaboration. Digital Scholarship consultants have the option to work with either group or both, depending on their interests and experience.

We are looking for PhD students who:

Specific duties can vary, but you should expect:

What do our consultants get?

We pay our graduate students an hourly rate competitive with teaching fellowships and more than other university jobs. In addition to time spent providing 1-on-1 support, we pay our consultants to develop and teach workshops, attend other workshops to sharpen their own skills, and work with faculty and librarians on projects.

Beyond this, our consultants report that answering questions and problem-solving with our clients helps them retain and sharpen their own skills. Working with researchers from other disciplines can lead to interesting and collaborative experiences that may extend beyond the consulting team's work.

Want to apply?

If you are interested in joining one of the teams, please send an email of intent to digitalscholarship.services@yale.edu. If you are interested in working with the StatLab team, please also copy statlab@yale.edu on that email.

This email should include a brief description of your background, the reasons you would be a good addition to the team, and a current CV (PDF format) as an attachment. We'll be in touch and move the process forward from there.