Picture of teh StatLab Computer classroom

Statistical & GIS Support

StatLab staff includes Data, GIS and Statistical specialists.

Research Data Services

Research Data support can range from data management best practices to fiding & using data online. Support can be obtained by contacting the Researh Data Support Group (RDCG) or by emailing the Research Data Support Specialist, Joshua Dull.

For more information, visit: researchdata.yale.edu

GIS Services

The GIS Librarian, Miraim Olivares, provides in-depth support on GIS topics and softwares. The GIS team also includes a group of enthusiastic consultants who can work with you to integrate GIS into your various projects and learning activities.

For more information about GIS support at Yale, please visit our guide: GIS @ Yale

Statistical Support Services

The Manager of Statistical Support Services, Jonathan Olmsted, provides in-depth support on statistical topics and softwares.


We have Statistical and GIS Consultants who work in a question-and-answer mode to help people with particular questions that come up in their research or classroom activities using statistical software and statistical methodologies.

Consultants can offer advice on:

  1. How should I enter to my data?
  2. What statistical program is best for my project?
  3. How do I get the program to run the analysis I want?

The consultants cannot provide long tutorial sessions. The consultants can help describe and explain methods and procedures, but they cannot prescribe particular methodologies or interpret results of analyses. If your needs go beyond this scope, we suggest you contact your faculty advisor or TA about further instruction and participate in course work and/or workshops that will increase your expertise in the area of concern.