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Learning, Teaching, and Research Spaces

Learning, Teaching, and Research Spaces

We support two computer classroom/lab spaces. They are equipped with technology ideal for learning, teaching and research with technical, quantitative, and geospatial topics.

Choose a location to get details on equipment and reservation information.

For any questions about these resources like software availability or presentation requirements, contact us.

Policy on using these spaces

All machines are governed by Yale ITS' Appropriate Use Policy.

Please remember to:

  • log out of any computers before leaving
  • use appropriate storage solutions for your files and data
  • leave cables and power strips connected like they are

Individual use: These rooms are available for individual use unless there is a reservation. Individual users should feel free to collaborate in small groups, but only in a way that does not disrupt others.

Reservations: Preferential use of these spaces is given to official Yale Registrar courses requiring computers. Until Yale's "shopping period" is over, reservations for non-Registrar courses are tentative and may require rescheduling.

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