Hiring Assistance

Hiring Assistance

Quantitative research across all disciplines is increaslingly complex. Many times it involves more skillsets than any one researcher or discipline-specific research team can have.

In some cases, the StatLab can provide direct collaboration. When that isn't possible, your project may be best served by hiring a dedicated assistant with the right skillset.

How we help

We suggest researchers hire students through the Yale Student Employment Office. This centralizes the administrative side of the process.

Depending on what the research team needs, we can help:

  • define the specific skillset to complement your project team
  • prepare a job description to post with Yale SEO
  • review candidates for the position

Once you find the right assistant, we can help support them with walk-in consultations or instruction as needed. However, we can't provide end-to-end project management or focused mentorship for the newly hired assistants.

Have a question?

Send us an email at statlab@yale.edu and we'll get back to you.