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Stat Consultants
CSSSI (219 Prospect St)
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GIS packages available at the StatLab


GIS Data sets available at the StatLab

GIS Packages - All the software on this page is installed on all Statlab workstations
  • Arcview
    Arcview is one ESRI's GIS packages. The configuration in the lab can work with raster and vector files. The following extensions are installed on all our machines:    1) Spatial Analyst  2) Network Analyst  3) 3D Analyst  4) S+ for Arcview
    We have packages to convert between Mapinfo and Arcview coverages as well as import various other formats. This software is the predominant GIS package in both academia and in industry/nonprofit, i.e. it is the de facto standard. Most of the StatLab expertise is with this GIS package. We can offer a 2 hour short course to a department or organization that introduces some of the capabilities of Arcview

  • Maptitude
    Maptitude provides tools, maps, and US Census demographic data in an integrated package for the production of maps with geographically based data displays.

  • MapInfo
    MapInfo for Windows is mapping software for use with MapInfo compatible boundary files. Some boundary files for selected geographic areas are available at the StatLab Boundary files are also available from the U.S. Bureau of the Census TIGER CD-ROM disks (located at the Government Documents Center.) These digital map files from the CD-ROM's must be transferred to MapInfo format before using. Your own data, in dBASE, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and ASCII format, can be displayed on the maps. MapInfo has many advanced display and analysis capabilities.

    This component of the SAS statistical software package produces maps with the PROC GMAP procedure. Map files are available for the world, continents, countries, and US cities and counties. Data stored in SAS datasets may be displayed on the maps. Basic knowledge of SAS is necessary.
GIS Data Sets
  • ESRI data sets
    All of the contents of the ESRI data CDs are located on the StatLab servers and are mapped (no pun intended) as drive letter G: when you log into the computers in the StatLab

  • MapInfo data layers
    These data layers, some on the StatLab network, some on CD-ROM, range from maps of the globe to maps of a New Haven neighborhood. The inventory provides a complete list.

  • Bytes of the Big Apple
    These administrative and political maps of New York City were produced by the Department of City Planning, City of New York. Users may access these map files (in DXF format) using GIS software, e.g. MapInfo. The Statlab has the following map files: Boroughs, Community Districts, Boroughs with water blocks included, Fire Companies, Health Areas, Health Center Districts, Police Precincts, and School Districts.

  • StreetInfo: New York
    Extensive street maps for use with MapInfo. Includes railroads, waterways, landmarks, hospitals, airports, cemeteries, libraries, parks, schools, and other major points of interest from the US Census Bureau's TIGER database. Comprehensive address boundaries are included. MapInfo corrected street names and standardized spelling. Separate tables contain different levels of detail to a map, you can load all tables or select only those geographic aspects of the map that you want to display. Familiarity with MapInfo is recommended.

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