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Policy on Coursework

Policy on Coursework

The StatLab offers Walk-In Help and other consultative sessions to support quantitative data analysis across Yale University.

However, neither the sessions nor our team are designed to provide dedicated, connected, or consistent course support for registrar courses offered at Yale.


  • Patrons- The StatLab does not expressly support nor refuse support for patrons in courses (graduate or undergraduate) as they use Walk-In Help.

  • Responsibilities- Students in courses are responsible for adhering to Yale's academic integrity policies (e.g., Yale College, GSAS) and for avoiding improper collaboration.

    • A course's instructional team, not the StatLab or the patron, set the correct boundaries.
    • We may remind patrons of the policy if we think it is helpful. But, this is a friendly nudge and not an audit.
  • Supporting materials- The StatLab team will not work from or with patently course-specific materials like problem sets (regardless of the due date), exams (regardless of the due date), or lecture notes.

    • The StatLab team and patrons can work with generic supporting materials like those readily found online or in references like Stack Overflow or "R for Data Science" (http://r4ds.had.co.nz/). However, patrons should expect to find the generic materials.
  • Non-differentiation- The StatLab will provide levels of support to (potential) course-takers similar to those they would to non-course-takers.

    • A patron may have only one of several questions discussed during a session.
    • A patron may be referred to another conulstant
    • A patron may need to wait before someone can work with them during Walk-In Help

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