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Summer 2017 Schedule

The summer schedule differs from the schedule at our multiple locations during the regular academic year. We are currently staffing two of our three regular locations each week: CSSSI in Kline Biology Tower and Cushing/Whitney Medical Library.

In general, the CSSSI will have a consultant available at the desk from 9am through 5pm on weekdays. The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library will have a consultant available at the desk from 3pm through 7pm on Tuesdays.

Schedules can vary from week to week, so please check the calendar prior to visiting.

Our Locations

Our consultants meet with clients at three different locations. Schedules and staffing vary by location.

  • CSSSI in Kline Biology Tower
  • Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
  • Yale Institue for Network Science (YINS) at 17 Hillhouse Avenue
For additional location and contact details by location, see below.

Which location? Which consultant?

Spanning the diverse needs of Yale's research community, we have consultants with different sets of domain and software skills from multiple disciplines.

  • Find the consultants best matched for your research need; review their backgrounds here.

  • Speak with a specific consultant; call the appropriate desk location during their shift.

  • Not sure? Email us directly at stathelp@yale.edu and we'll pair you with the right consultant.

Schedules by Location

Location Details

CSSSI in Kline Biology Tower
Phone: (203) 432-3278
Center for Science and Social Science Information
Kline Biology Tower
219 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
Consultant's desk is next to StatLab Classroom in C27.

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Phone: (203) 737-6901
Cushing/Whitney Medical Library
Sterling Hall of Medicine
333 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT 06510
Consultant's desk is behind the information desk.

YINS | Yale Institute for Network Science
Phone: (203) 436-5935
Yale Institute for Network Science
17 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Consultant's desk is in room 321 on the 3rd floor.